Hello from the other side!

We've got an entirely new site up and rolling and I couldn't be happier with the results-- okay maybe I could be happier. But it's pretty good already!

The old site is available over here, and will remain up for... probably as long as this site as a whole exists, honestly. We've got too much precious stuff over there that we wouldn't want to lose.

Wait... but this looks like a blog?

You'd be correct, it has become more of a blog than the previous site. While we still plan on making silly webpages for our individual members, the main site over here is written using a static site generator known as Lume. And we couldn't help turning it into a little blog where we could post about whatever is taking up our brain at the time.

Not saying there'll be a lot of posts, considering we rarely have the urge to go "oh, I need to write this down for everyone to see". But I hope the occasional posts will be nice.

Going forward

We still have quite a lot to revamp for now, so expect some frequent updates in the next few days. Other than that, we'll be slowly adding links to our old content from thte new site so you don't have to go through the old site itself for that. Probably for the better!

Also expect a post about how this website works in general, and a link to... the ✨ source code ✨.

Until then, see you later! As several other pages on this website are currently saying, we really need sleep.

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